About Me

Yes, I AM a real doctor, and my oldest friends call me "Cheese,” but that is a story for another time.

I may be over 50, but I still wear t-shirts every day.  Most of the time, they are under my scrubs, which is a much better look than without the t-shirt.  Trust me on this one.

I created Dr. Cheese Tees five years ago as a passion project and creative outlet to lift myself out of physician burnout.

I am and always have been a big sports fan with a plethora (Yes, I did say “plethora”) of t-shirts, but my collection was getting stale.  I needed new t-shirts for the rotation, but I was looking for something unique and different. I didn’t want too loud or too bold.  I wanted simple, subtle sophistication, and even a little silliness.  I would create my own designs based on my favorite sports moments and memories. Each t-shirt would be “a dose of retro.”

Sports and t-shirts are connectors, and my goal would be to create nostalgic connections with passionate sports fans like myself. 

IF you remember where you were and who you were with for your favorite sporting event… Welcome to the Tribe!

IF your favorite movie list includes: Rocky, Miracle, Rudy, or Hoosiers….  Welcome to the Tribe!

IF you wear t-shirts hoping for some random person on the street to say, “Cool t-shirt!”.... Welcome to the Tribe!

IF you love wearing cool, comfortable t-shirts and are looking to update the collection… Welcome to the Tribe!

IF you appreciate a simple and subtle sports reference on a t-shirt…     Welcome to the Tribe!

My burnout is much better after changing practices and a quintuple bypass (another story for another time.)  I am still a full time physician, and Dr. Cheese Tees continues to grow.  

I’m not sure where the journey will take me, but I will continue to create unique designs that are infused by my love of sports and the positive emotions they instill in us.

The shirts are fun, cool, and super comfortable, but they represent more than simple apparel. They are a vessel of positive energy, nostalgia, and fun.  This has been my success.

I am grateful for those of you that have actually read to this point.  Now go buy a t-shirt!

Peace, love, and tees,

Dr. Cheese

P.S Want to learn a little more about Dr. Cheese?