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Check out our super soft men's tees.


Just what the shirt doctor ordered! My favorite T's for both creativity and comfort! Always fun to see who may start a random conversation with you. A must for any true sports fan!

Eric R.

I just got my Dr. Cheese tee and love it! Brings back so many great sports memories for me. And the shirt is super comfortable. I am definitely going to be buying additional styles. So glad I found this site!

David J.

I love tees. And I love sports. So, there is no better site than Dr. Cheese tees. The service is amazing. The tees are so great. But, most importantly…I love the nostalgia. Dr. Cheese tees are definitely my go-to present for every birthday. And, I’m not saying any of this to just be nice. In fact, this is my first review ever. The experience is that awesome…I felt compelled to post.

Robert W.

I wanted to give you some very positive feedback regarding the unique and different Dr. Cheese T's. I spent time searching for a good quality, soft T-shirt made of lighter weight cotton, with cool designs....and gave up! Like many people, quality wins for me, and I was thrilled to find your website. Your T-shirts are wonderfully soft, a great weight and wash well. I am 5 ft 7 with a short torso but your T shirts are a length that I can tuck in or wear out depending on the season. The sports stuff is an added bonus as many of these moments are etched in my mind. Please make more black shirts as the “ Down goes Frazier” shirt makes me look 10 pounds lighter. I am so glad I found your website. Keep doing what you are doing I will definitely be buying more soon.

Jon G.

Huge fan of Dr. Cheese Tees! The shirts are super comfortable and perfectly capture memorable moments in sports history. I have the entire collection, and it’s all I wear.

Jason P.

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