The Greatest Moments in Sports Bring us Together

We are not all sports fans.  We are not all fans of every sport.  However, those of us that do classify ourselves as sports fans share an instant bond whether we root for our school, city, team, or player.

This bond connects us despite other external differences.  This bond explains why we high five strangers at a bar or stadium. During those four quarters, three periods, two halves, we are not strangers.  We are connected and passionate fans, temporarily members of the same tribe or family.

We fans are students of history, but not US or world history.  We are students of sports history. Each team and fans has its own history and moments.  Some moments are glorious, while some are heartbreak.  We remember where we were and who we are with when they occurred.  Maybe we didn’t experience them directly, but we have lived them indirectly through replays and retellings.  

Some moments stand above others.  They populate the lists of the greatest moments in sports history.  The audio and the video of these greatest sports moments are instantly recognizable.  While most of them did not involve our team, we still appreciate them.  They give us chills when we watch them.  Depending on the stage and the circumstance, we are sometimes incredulous that they actually happened.  The emotion and the memory are what we strive to recapture.  We purchase and collect memorabilia to preserve these moments.  We save newspapers and magazines, and of course, we buy T-shirts.

The tees we buy typically commemorate the championships.  They celebrate an entire season of accomplishment.  We wear these tees proudly for a few years, but eventually, they start to fade.  Once these tees fade, we cannot part with them though.  They are part of our history.  The championships are great, but champions are crowned every year like clockwork as the seasons change.

The greatest moments in sports history are unpredictable.  We watch for the chance to see the unexpected.  These magic moments drive us to keep watching and cheering.   The memory and emotion of these moments remain vivid and powerful.  From The Play to Secretariat’s Triple Crown Run to hearing Harry Caray call a home run on a sunny afternoon at the Friendly Confines, we at Dr. Cheese Tees are proudly working to preserve these great sports moments.